An agency with a human approach

Run Rabbit Run was founded by two absolute music enthusiasts. Stephanie Burkhardt and Andreas “Zesi” Zesiger.

The offer ranges from singer/songwriter to punk rock, to Irish folk.

There is something for all tastes. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly find the offer adapted to your event.



Founder - Booking Agent

When she’s not at a concert or festival, it’s the headphones in her ears that make her heart beat faster.

She has always been attracted to the music business and is now making her long-held dream come true with Run Rabbit Run.

With her background in finance, which brings accuracy and structure, she faces even the most stressful situation with professionalism and calm.



Booking Agent

Zesi is the music nerd in the team. He knows his records by heart, recognises artists by their mere sound and has been making music himself with full dedication for a good 18 years. His latest project is the punk band “the Midlandfuckers”. As “El Guaro Loco” he is on the road at home and abroad as a reggae, soul and garage rock DJ. He is a big 60ies and 70ies enthusiast and loves the sound of fuzz guitars and Hammond organs.




Mascot - Shrink – Reception committee

Active and essential member of RRRAgency.

The blabbermouth of the team, which will not fail to be heard, mainly during phones.

Doesn’t miss any opportunity to participate, reminds the team to take regular cuddle breaks.