Under BOC

A place in the heart of Neuchâtel created by @bocneuchatel in partnership with the @tousensemble.ch Association and in collaboration with Run Rabbit Run.

Located in the basement of the Beer O’Clock bar, with its capacity of up to 150 people, it is a place that delivers an intimate atmosphere and offers the feeling of sharing the stage with the artists.

Run Rabbit Run participated in the design of the project and was entrusted with the musical programming. 
A titanic work has been set up in order to propose artists from all horizons and to present an agenda that will delight all musical tastes.

To discover here, but especially to listen live…

Hall of Fame

They were there ♥

Season 2023 - 2024
  • Aunty Rayzor (NIG)
  • Black Bombo (CH)
  • Bob’s Not Dead (FR)
  • Daddy & The Willyshakers (CH)
  • Esteban Rey (CH)
  • Gaettson (FR)
  • Judah Roger (FR)
  • Nèg’ Marrons (FR)
  • Seb Lorez (CH)
  • Silverado (IT)
  • Sir Samuel “Saïan Supa Crew” (FR)
  • The Green Goblins (CH)
  • Vanupié (FR)
Hall of Fame

They were there ♥

Season 2022 - 2023
  • Ashlele & Friends (CH)
  • Axis Of (IRL)
  • Bee Bee Sea (IT)
  • Chamito Sound (CH/VEN)
  • DNA Irish Trio (IT)
  • Feet Peals (CH)
  • Flavia Coelho (Sound System (FR/BRZ)
  • HiJo (CH)
  • I Skarbonari (CH)
  • Jeyo SUN (FR)
  • KACIMI & La Mécréance (CH/FR)
  • Kick Bill (CH)
  • Lord Kossity Ft Judah Roger (FR)
  • Louie & The Wolfgang (CH)
  • Pierpoljak Ft Judah Roger (FR)
  • Sinsemilia – Souvenirs de saltimbanques (FR)
  • Sophie de Quay (FR)