Cumbia – Swing – Rumbas

JEYO’s music is like him: joyful, warm and unifying. This globetrotter takes us on a journey of mixed and festive tunes, with Franco-Spanish lyrics.

 Sunny cumbia, spicy swing, frenzied rumbas, all with a touch of electronica… It is in his roots that he draws the sincerity that characterises his style and personality. Self-taught artist, pianist and engineer by training, for JEYO, music is a universal language, a pure vibration

 During 4 years of travels, from India to Mexico through Brazil or Cuba, it is through music that he integrates himself to the population. Far away from his reference points, he sees it as an invitation to open up to others, to dance and to meet. It was during his umpteenth journey that this former engineer discovered his life’s mission: to spread his good humour in song.

 After this world tour, JEYO found himself in the studio and released his first EP “Anti-morosity”, accompanied by two colourful videos shot in Colombia, “Abuelo” and “Le camino”. Since then, he has been travelling the roads and performing live, usually in a quartet, with drummer Maxime Dormoy (Raspigaous), trumpeter Renaud Gensane (Christophe Maé) and saxophonist/bassist Greg Lampis (Papet J.). Often accompanied by his colourful stage caravan, he offers music at the crossroads, inspired by artists such as Manu Chao or Zoufris Maracas.


 MobiLive option

 A mobile and autonomous colourful stage-caravan, a latino-festive music, jeyo goes from town to town to spread his good mood and make people dance!